Cambridge Academics

The INSTEP Cambridge semester programs offer a cross-disciplinary approach in which central themes are examined from the areas of economics, finance, political economy, international relations, history, and English literature.  This approach allows the broader issues underlying the course of Western thought for more than a century to be studied and critically evaluated. 

The course options in Cambridge consist of seminars and supervisions.  Seminars are groups of 5-12 INSTEP students interacting in a weekly lecture/discussion format with the British faculty member while supervisions are groups of 1-4 students meeting weekly in a tutorial.  Students register for a total of 15 semester hours of credit, with each seminar and supervision offering three semester hours of credit.

Seminars (3 credits each):

The Political Economy of the European Union                        Money and Banking
Western Europe and the USA since 1918                              Contemporary Capitalism
Geopolitics in the 21st Century                                             Modern British Fiction
Economic Theory: The Cambridge Tradition
A Comparative Political Economy of the BRICS

Supervisions (3 credits each):
Only one of these may usually be taken, and it must be in the area of the student’s major. Students must meet a minimum GPA of 3.2 in that major to be considered.

Economics:   The Theory of Finance

International Economic Issues

English:         Shakespeare

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