INSTEP Cambridge Semester Program

Spend a semester in Cambridge where you can study topics that include international relations, business, economics, political economy, geopolitics, history, and English literature. The INSTEP Cambridge program is designed to provide you with small and interactive seminars taught by world class British faculty. The seminars below will have no more than 12 students and the supervisions will have no more than 4 students enrolled in them giving you a very personalized and specialized academic experience. During the semester, you must register for a full credit load, which allows you to register for five seminars/supervisions.After successfully completing the semester, you will receive 15 semester credits.

Seminars and Supervisions Offered for Cambridge Fall 2019 (Three credits each):

  • Shakespeare (SUPERVISION)
  • A Comparative Political Economy of the BRICS
  • The Theory of Finance
  • International Economic Issues
  • Modern British Fiction
  • Contemporary Capitalism
  • Money and Banking
  • Economic Theory: The Cambridge Tradition
  • Western Europe and the USA Since 1918
  • Geopolitics in the 21st Century
  • The Political Economy of the European Union
See course descriptions, syllabi, and faculty resumes.


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