London Academics

The INSTEP London semester programs offer a cross-disciplinary approach in which central themes are examined from the areas of business, political economy, international relations, politics, media and communications, and law.  This approach allows the broader issues underlying the course of Western thought for more than a century to be studied and critically evaluated. 

Academics in London give you the option of choosing between two tracks: the Courses Only track or the Directed Research and Methodology track.

The Courses Only track allows students to enroll in courses consisting of groups of 5-12 INSTEP students interacting in a weekly lecture/discussion format along with the British faculty member.  Students register for a total of 15 semester hours of credit, with each seminar worth three semester hours of credit.

Seminars (3 credits each):

Ethics in Action                       The New Security Agenda
Law and Society                      The Middle East and Political Islam
Contemprary Britain                 Applied International Business
The New Europe                      Media, Society, and Contemporary Culture

The Directed Research and Methodology track allows students to define and apply a wide range of research methods and techniques to a self-defined directed research project in Politics, Business, Law, or Communications.  A core requirement of the Directed Research Track involves the specific academic focus and is conducted under the supervision of a faculty member.  It is expected that students will take at least one complementary elective relevant to the topic they plan to explore.

Students who choose to pursue the Directed Research track are paired with a faculty member appropriate to their academic area of interest and are expected to produce a formal research paper. 

Research students have regular meetings with the faculty member in their subject area to discuss the formation and execution of their research plans. All directed research projects are subject to the interest and availability of faculty and may require prior relevant coursework.

Students wishing to enroll in the Directed Research track should express interest at the time of application and must also enroll in the Directed Research and Methodology course as well as the complementary elective relevant to research field.

Core courses:
1. Directed Research and Methodology
2. One of the following courses:         Contemporary Britain
                                                       Law and Society
                                                       Applied International Business
                                                       Media, Society and Contemporary Culture
Directed Research and Methodology course                                         3 credits
Complementary core course in the area of their research                       3 credits 
Three other course electives                                                                9 credits

                                                                                   Total   15 credit hours

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