London Life

London is a cosmopolitan world capital where literally millions of people live, work, and study. The center of government and finance, London is also the place to be if you're interested in art, music, theater, or nightlife.

As an INSTEP student, you will live in carefully chosen housing in central London. You will be in easy commuting distance to the INSTEP office and classrooms, as well as to all that London has to offer. The London Underground (subway) and the famous red London buses are staples of London university life, as all urban students commute to class by way of these famous public transportation systems.

Steeped in history, London will provide you with a wide variety of opportunities in addition to your academic experience. From pubs whose origins lie centuries back to state of the art sports bars, from famous sites like Buckingham Palace to the thriving arts and entertainment scene, you will find London has it all. London's world class Tate Galleries hold an exceptional range of 19th and 20th century art, while the city's West End offers a wide range of cinema and live theatre to choose from. From clubs, to pubs, to everything else, you will never be without something new to do in London.

Trafalgar Square with Big Ben in the distance
The National Gallery - Trafalgar Square


Students choosing to live in London need to be prepared for an exciting and somewhat hectic large city lifestyle. You will find that even the largest London universities don't have 'campuses' as you are used to in the US; students tend to live all around the city and commute, via the Underground and buses, to their courses. In essence, London will be your campus.

Amazing architecture - the Great Court inside the British Museum
Picadilly Circus

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