The INSTEP Programs

The INSTEP semester and summer programs offer a cross disciplinary approach in which central themes are examined from the areas of economics, business, finance, political economy, international relations, politics, law, history, English literature, and communications. This approach allows the broader issues underlying the course of Western thought for more than a century to be studied and critically evaluated. Students must choose between two INSTEP centers of study - London or Cambridge - each of which specialize in different subject areas and offer very different environments, which will be discussed further.

The course options consist of seminars and supervisions. Students electing to spend a semester with INSTEP will register for 15 semester hours and students electing for a summer program will enroll for 6 credit hours.

For many students the most pressing decision when considering INSTEP is determining which center, London or Cambridge, is best for them. While each center is dedicated to academic excellence and student services, the two centers do specialize in different subject areas as listed in the following table. You should also consider the differing lifestyles when living for an extended period in a smaller 'college' town rather than a large metropolitan city. You should visit the Cambridge and London information pages for more details on the cities and surroundings so that you are not only able to consider your academic requirements but also your social interests when choosing a program

  • Economics
  • Political Economy
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Geopolitics
  • History
  • English
  • Politics and the Political Process
  • Law
  • Contemporary Issues in World Politics
  • Contemporary Issues in European Politics
  • Business
  • Communications

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